How I Work


For me no one approach is ever the right approach in all situations. We are individuals and although we share many commonalities, each of us needs to be treated according to our uniqueness. I aim to fit my approach to your needs, facilitating the unfolding of your unique Self.

My focus in to help my clients to discover their true Selves: We are all conditioned; by our families, our religions etc... that certain parts of who we are are acceptable and other parts are not.


My aim is to help the client to recognize the ways they are conditioned, and to feel that they have choice to step out of the conditioning; or not....what is crucial for me is not whether we decide to break free of the conditioning(some of our conditioning is going to be working perfectly well for us, but others may really be causing us problems) but that we we can recognize that conditioning and make conscious choices about our lives rather then being driven by unconscious programming.   

Believe me, most of us think we are choosing our lives, but unless we have done some kind of consciousness work (or grew up with very enlightened parents) we are way, way more conditioned than we realize. 


Lastly, i work a lot on helping people increase their capacity for intimacy. Intimacy is defined in psychology as the free and open expression of feelings between people. Once again, most people are anywhere between very reluctant to completely terrified to truly reveal who they are, because we have been given so many messages telling us that we are not who those around us want us to be. Consequently most of us have relationships that are based on two people revealing to each other who they think the other wants to see, rather then who each really is. By realizing that by letting go of those who don't accept us and moving towards those who do, we can revolutionize our lives. Or put another way, when we pretend to be someone else because we don't believe the real us will be loved, even if this trick works, the love will not really be given to us but rather to this "false" Self. By allowing our "true" Selves to come forward, when we are loved it is so much more powerful and penetrative, because it is going to the authentic us.