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Couples work is something that requires a different kind of sensitivity 

than working with individual.  I was privileged to have been supervised 

during a couple of years of my internship by Rob Fisher MFT, who is well

known as an authority and master of couples therapy, and I learnt a lot

from him.  Couples work allows for a great deal of here and now therapy

to take place.  I like to be interactive in couples work, using Somatic

and movement techniques to allow the couple to experience the dynamics 

of their relationship in ways that simply talking about things usually 

doesn’t achieve.

My recent training in AEDP attachment work has led me to see how much 

attachment and intimacy issues affect couples, and how seeing couples 

problems through this lens, and working to heal attachment/intimacy 

issues, can achieve deep healing and breathtaking improvements in 


Being in relationship is often the most powerful way that our own blocks

and wounding come into play. Therapy can be a highly effective tool 

that helps couples to work through the issues that trouble them and 

allow them to move into deep, intimate and loving relationship with each



Families are not a high percentage of therapy clients, often simply 

because of the logistical problem of getting a whole family able to meet

 at the same time and place every week or two. However, family therapy 

can be amazingly effective in helping to work out the often complex and 

confusing dynamics that play out in families. If your family is 

struggling for one reason or another (and there are many, many ways that

 this can happen), good therapy can oftentimes achieve remarkable 

improvements. I am not a big exponent of brief therapy, generally 

believing that achieving lasting change takes time, but in the case of 

family therapy, it can achieve considerable results in a very brief 

number of sessions. 

The usual assumption is that the problem lies within one family member. 

Although sometimes this is the case, more often, although the problem 

appears to be in one individual member of the family, it is actually 

something that involves the whole family.  Understanding the energetic 

dynamics of families, and being able to help to guide the family to 

solutions, requires an ability to track both the big picture and the 

minutia of the situation, and to see where the interventions need to 


Being able to do this requires experience. During the two years that I 

spent running the adolescent unit of a psychiatric hospital here in 

California, I worked with hundreds of families from every conceivable 

racial and ethnic background. The experience I gained from that has 

given me the kind of knowledge of families and their dynamics that 

enables me to achieve results.


Adolescence is a difficult time for many, while  the transition is being

 made from childhood to adulthood. During this time, adolescents tend to

 question everything, especially authority, and are no longer willing to

 follow directions the way they may have before. It is also a crucial 

time, where having the right degree of freedom within a boundary of 

discipline enables them to feel safe while they learn to find that 

balance within themselves and grow into their potential.

I have a great deal of experience working with adolescents, having spent

 two years working in a group home for adolescents followed by another 

two years running the adolescent unit at a psychiatric hospital. I love 

to work with adolescents. I find that they greatly value authenticity, 

and respond well to those who are willing to take them and their views 

seriously. They have an energy and vitality, a desire to go out and 

explore the world that is refreshing and engaging.

Adolescence is also often a time when the increase in cognitive 

development allows individuals to begin to understand and express 

problems that may have gone unnoticed up to this point, and it can be 

really important to allow the healing to happen now, rather than have it

 go underground in the psyche where it can cause a lot of damage later 

in life.